Gold Parties...

Have you heard? They are parties given along the lines of the tupperware party, only these parties are hosted by women who will pay you big dollars for your old gold, or, gold that you never wear anymore. Picture the chunky jewelry that Melanie Griffith wore in 'Working Girl' and she's told by her employer Sigourney Weaver that she's got to get rid of that necklace!

Well, now, women in view of the sagging economy are coming together to party and ply their gold on for checks up to $1000 or more, depending upon how much of that gold they're willing to get rid of.

Remember those golden oldie watches for men back in the day? Bring em on! In all fairness to those women who hosts Gold parties, in some instances they're given for charity, or, fun, but, monies are to be made from these parties where reportedly, you're given more for those pieces you'll never use/ wear again.

What happens to the gold once you've sold it? One gold party host, January Thomas takes her treasure & have it melted down into gold bars before carting it off to the bank.

Want to host a gold party? Go to to learn how to get everything you'll need to get your gold party started! 


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