Dancing With The Stars-Women Lineup

Dancing With The Stars announcing their new celebrity lineup for September 22nd. There will be thirteen contestants, but, I was a bit concerned when I heard the names of some of the women for this seasons show:

Susan Lucci is a great soap star diva, there's no denying it...but, she's a waiflike woman in her 60s. Even in the best of health, it's obvious that this vigorous/dance show becomes an exhausting workout regimen for the celebrities...Harry Hamlin remarked on a previous Dancing With The Stars how his wife Lisa Rhinna's obvious weight loss wasn't much to his liking...

Cloris Leachman at 82 years young can still win a crowd over with her saucy standup as reportedly she did during a recent roast for Bob Saget. But, standing still delivering one liners will be quite different from dancing with the stars! I hope this lady of stage/screen knows when to say, enough already!

Toni Braxton is fragile in the sense that she has a heart condition which is rumored to be one of the reasons she left her Vegas Show. Toni is also thin/waiflike...I'm sure she too, will have the best doctors in attendance, but, have these women even considered the risk in signing on to Dance With The Stars ?

Misty May Treanor, the volleyball goldmedalist. Brooke Burke, actress, model and tv host. Kim Kardashian probably best known for her infamous sex tape with Brandy's little brother, Ray j...round out the list. These women will possibly fare better while dancing with the stars...in any case, I wish them all more fame, fortune and whatever drives them to stay in the spotlight of celebrity...


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