Cutting Edge Spa Treatments

How far would you go for Beauty's sake? It seems some mordern day spa treatments are putting the 'bizarre' in looking/feeling good...if one can brave the 'fear factor.'

The Fish Pedicure involves piling a group of tiny fish into your foot soak to eat away all of that dead tissue from the cuticle of your toenails, heels of the feet...anywhere there's deaden tissue. These tiny fish leaves a tingling sensation as they eat away at your foot problems areas. The fish pedicure lasts from 10-15 minutes...

The Snake Massage is letting a snake slitter around areas of the body susceptible to tense/sore/tight muscles...the coolness of the snake's skin reportedly helps soothe joint tenderness and sore muscles...

The Geisha Facial is a mixture of rice bran and bird excrement...preferably the nightengale bird's which exfoliates dead facial skin.

The Corona Beer Life Facial can be prepared at home using beer and egg an instant face lift.

The Chocolate Body Treatment appears to be the sweetest of the sweet when it comes to out there beauty spa treatments...  Indulge if you dare...


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