The Essential Party Season Survival Kit

Every year you say to yourself, "This year I'm going to be prepared for party season." But, with all the gifts to buy, plans to make, and party outfits to try on, you inevitably forget about taking care of yourself. (Am I right on this one?)  Not to worry, because I've got all the pocket-sized party ammunition you could possibly ever need.

1) Assume that you're going to drink too much. I'm not saying that you have no willpower. I'm just saying that, with all the great music, great food, and great friends, it's easy to get caught up in all the fun. So, buffering your system before the party may be your best bet against the dreaded hangover. And if you do stay within your limits, great! No harm, no foul. Plus, your friends will have a surprise designated driver. (Pretoxx Hangover Prevention Tablets & Sprayology Party Relief Spray)

2) Save your feet for the dance floor. Trashed feet suck, and waiting until your blisters are busting open is a big no-no in my book. And, while blister pads are great after the fact, I suggest that you prevent them altogether. Otherwise, you may find yourself barefoot, or worse -- sitting alone. (Band Aid Blister Block & Dr. Scholl's Rub Relief)

3) Don't get stuck in a compromising position. Several years ago, I spent New Year's in Las Vegas with some girlfriends (only to have strange men grabbing at me). And, because I wasn't familiar with my surroundings, there was really nowhere 'safe' to run. (One asshole even tried to steal my room keys!) Unfortunately, crowds + alcohol + late nights can often spawn stupidity and predatory behavior. So, be prepared to make some crazy noise with a personal alarm if anyone tries to follow you. And if that doesn't work, spray that son of a bitch in the face! (Saber Pepper Spray Keychain & Mace Brand Screecher Alarm)

4) A little stash can go a long way. I have a terrible habit of forgetting where I put by purse and am always afraid that I'm going to lose it when I go out. This is especially troubling where my house keys, money, and driver's license are concerned. I also have a terrible habit of popping buttons and/or ripping seams half way through a night of dancing. So, with that in mind, stashing the 'essentials' like an extra key and emergency cash in your bra along with a mini emergency kit in your pocket might just be your saving grace during party season. (Lewis N. Clark Personal Bra Stash & Mini Fashion Emergency Kit)

5) Don't end the celebration with an STD. I don't think I need to tell you that people lose their inhibitions when they drink. And, with alcohol flowing while dashingly handsome [and hopefully single] guys are batting their eyelashes everywhere you turn, you owe it to yourself to be safe in the event you give into those primal urges after your fourth Cosmopolitan. (Ready Two Go Discreet Condom Kit)

6) Say goodbye to "morning after eyes." With holiday parties going on throughout the month of December (and into January), it's likely you'll have to show up to work the morning after a long night out. And, while I can't help with that stale cigarette and vodka breath [try Altoids!], I can definitely make a couple of suggestions to help combat "morning after eyes." (Bliss Baggage Handler & Philosophy Dark Shadows)

7) Manage your hangover like a champ. So, even with all your best intentions, those Appletinis were just too good to pass up. And, mixed with that champagne toast, 1/2 bottle of Merlot, and a plate full of mystery finger foods, you have a hangover that could kill a horse. My advice? Drink lots of water, turn off the barf switch, and boost your electrolytes. (Nauzene Chewable Stomach Relief Tablets & Zym Electrlyte Drink Tablets)

8) Don't get left out in the cold. There are few things worse than finding out you're too drunk to drive only to get stuck waiting out in the cold for a ride. Worse yet, your cell phone is out of batteries (which means you're stuck asking for a ride home with somebody you hope isn't drunk or sleeping in your car -- both of which are bad ideas.) So, make sure you have phone that works and something to keep yourself from freezing up. (Zippo Hand Warmer & 8-in-1 Emergency Cell Phone Charger)

9) Be prepared for the toilet from hell. Know what's worse than having to pee in a dirty public toilet? Having to puke in one!! Seriously, even the nicest places can get a little gritty this time of year, especially with all the drunks missing the target. So, instead of finding yourself stuck in a stall with a toilet that bites back [think 'frat house nightmare' meets 'truck stop diaster'] be sure to carry a little can of disinfectant spray and some toilet seat covers, which can also double as toilet paper. (Lysol To Go Spray & Seaties Portable Toilet Seat Covers)

10) Party like an animal, don't smell like one. There's only one thing worse than partying with a stinky person: Being that stinky person. I agree that it's not practical to carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, a stick of deoderant, personal hygeine wash, etc. in your clutch. But nobody said you have to! Instead, sport travel-size packettes and towellettes that don't take up much room. (La Fresh Travel Wipes Kit)


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