My, What Evil Eyes You Have

According to my friends and family, I have been known to give one hell of a 'stink eye' when I don't like somebody and/or something. But I have yet to gain any semblance of notoriety for giving people the 'evil eye,' a look believed by many to cause irreversible harm to those on the receiving end. According to folklore (and even some religions) giving someone the 'evil eye' is paramount to giving them a sickness -- even if it's without intention.

Green Eye Ring by Metal Nat

Unlike my famous 'stink eye' (which conveys a high level of dislike or disdain), giving somebody the evil eye implies envy, jealousy, or a desire to covet. Its effects, which can range from stomach cramps to death, are believed to occur as an inadvertent side effect of an overabundance of envy or praise. When this gaze has remained too long upon the coveted object, person, or animal, the effect of the evil eye is misfortune, even if the person who harbors jealousy and gives the evil eye is not necessarily an evil person.

So, if you thought Christian Siriano (sorry, Christian -- couldn't resist!) was the only person giving the evil eye these days, you are sorely mistaken. Check out some of these not-so-evil creations (which can be used as protective charms to ward off even the evilest of evil eyes, or just worn as fierce fashion statements.) Oh, and watch out for my stink eye. As far as I know, there is no charm to ward off it's powers ;)

'Watch Over Me' Pendants at

Eye Bracelet by Delfina Delettrez

Enamel Evil Eye Necklace at

Robots in Disguise Eye Necklace by Tatty Devine

Opal Eye Ring by Artisan Impact

Vanessa Jenik Oxidized Evil Eye Pendant at

Ettika Evil Eye Bracelet at

Evil Eye Pendants at

Lara Levi Multi-Charm Evil Eye Bracelet at

Ileana Makri Evil Eye Pendant Necklace at


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