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Thinking of a Colour Change

Consider what hair colour would actually enhance your skin tone, bearing in mind the texture of your hair as well. Is it fine, thick or coarse? If you’re not sure what texture you’ve got, your hairdresser will be able to tell you instantly.

Thin hair works better with an overall colour but take into account maintenance – roots will need to be touched up once a month. Thick hair suits highlights or lowlights and they don’t take as much attention.

Although colour is suitable for most, short straight hair won’t really suit highlights as they can look a bit stripey. On short wavy hair, any types of lights will look eye-catching. An all over colour suits all styles.

Attend at least two certified colourists for a talk. Even if you’re not clear in your mind about having a colour, they can give an opinionto  you on what will and won’t become you. Consultations are complimentary and you won’t be bullied or committed into whatever thing your not delighted with.

Like you do when you have a cut, take a long pictures of colours you enjoy and always be direct about that colours you presently have or had on your hair explaining what worked and what did not.

Check care levels, too. If it means you will have to go back once a month for a re-tint, confirm you have got the time and money to do so.

Ask what will come about if you do not enjoy the end effect and will the salon tone it down or alter it and how much will it cost you.

Why not go into department stores with a pal and try on wigs and hair pieces of the colours you enjoy and then you can choose if the colour suits you or not.

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