Ed Hardy for your inner wild side

What happens when the “Godfather of the modern tattoo” teams up with “the king of jeans”? An original, artistic clothing line is born. In January 2005, Christian Audigler and Ed Hardy joined forces and created one of the hottest brands on the market today. Celebs like Madonna, Britney, and Snoop Dogg were immediately drawn to the edgy artistic collection.
Ed Hardy’s passion for tattoo artistry started when he was just a young boy. When he was 10 years old he would draw cars and eagles on the back of his friend’s arms with an eyeliner pencil. Whether you like it or not, Ed Hardy is an artist. Some shy away from tattoo art because it can seem a bit “biker” meets “punk” with the skulls, hearts and banners announcing “love kills slowly”. However, Ed Hardy’s collection brings an appreciation for tattoo art to the masses - without having to fully commit to a lifelong body tattoo. Now, we can change our tattoo with our mood, wear a different one everyday. These colorful Japanese art-inspired clothes will always look best with dark jeans. Keep it simple by only showcasing one item at a time - don’t overdo it. It’s a sexy, rock and roll chic look - go for it.

items in this observation:

  • trucker hat @ 80s Purple
  • halter swimsuit “Mermaid” in Lime Green @ Ed Hardy Shop
  • ‘Death is Certain’ sunglasses @ Ed hardy Shop
  • Yellow tattoo sleeve @ Zappos
  • Ed Hardy ‘Platinum’ Embellished Tunic @ Nordstrom
  • purple tank top @ Ed Hardy Shop
  • bright yellow tote @ Fashion Flairs
  • drawstring lounge pants ‘Battle’ @ Ed hardy Shop
  • ‘Eagle’ strap boots @ Ed Hardy Shop

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