Stepping hesitantly into the world of eco fashion because of the color issue? Feeling like there aren’t enough hue options offered, or wondering if those brighter colors really are eco friendly? Greening the dyeing process of their garments is indeed one of the hardest nuts to crack for eco conscious brands. Many of them dive into natural dyes nowadays: a good reason to take a closer look at this process.

Natural dyes are dyes primarily obtained from sources found in nature. Did you know, for example, that a great source for natural dyes can be found right in your own backyard? It’s not surprising—roots, nuts and flowers are just a few common ways to get many colors like yellow, orange, blue, red, green, brown and grey.

Low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes have become the dye of choice for many organic clothing manufacturers who want a diverse palette of vibrant colors. Undyed and color-grown fabrics are the best choice for people who react to fiber-reactive dyes or who want only pure fabrics on their skin. And although natural colored cotton grows in beautiful shades of beige, chocolate and mauve, hot pinks and sunshine yellows are far from available as yet.


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