How to Break in Your Converse or shoes that produce blisters

Have you ever worn a new pair of Converse Shoes for a day and at the end of the day you have a huge blister.. How do you break in converse without getting a blister? Well I have your answer right here. Keep reading to find out. Step1.  Follow my steps to cure your problem with blisters on new shoes. First of all you of course want to put on your socks of choice. This pair of socks is your base pair. Step2.  Second you need to put an extra pair of socks on top of your other pair. So now you should be wearing two pairs of socks at the same time. This pair of socks is your outer pair. Step3.  Now proceed to put on your new converse shoes. Next you should obviously tie them together. After having done so, you can now walk around without having problems like blisters. Ta-Da!


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