As I was saying

Pastels: a lighter shade of a primary color. They're also environmentally friendly. Beige came crawling back aka light browns which suited other collections. But my gurls still want more color when they walk the streets of vancity.

If ur tired of bad tanlines then I'm fixing them this summer. Hate those skinny bitches? I stripped them of their curves with the aline silhouette.

As a gradually growing small company, I decided to show my collections about a week before all the HUGE labels launch theirs. Just to show I'm real and I do my homework too.  Carol fergusson, of Golden Gnome Inc, is also a beleiver of the. Ywighlight zone designers are in through out the year. She was my production process/manufacturing instructor at the fabulous blanche macdonald.

Myself, and fellow aboriginal youth talk about the polar shifts and the war that begins after the shift. So I'm preparing strength n strategy for that as well. Chaos is the only word. Regaining direction. Spiritually.

When the goin gets tuff, the warriors arise. Endure and conquer. We r also overdue for the huge earthquake. Nature. Strong. Unpredictable. Dying. Nature acts the creators directions of life. I'm one of natures voices.


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