When it comes to style and fashion I like to look different. It doesn't matter to much to me about names or what everyone thinks is in or hip. I dress how I feel and I organize my outfits by my personality. I love chunky jewelry that makes a statement and stands out. All sizes, colors and shapes! Shapes and patterns are also a very big thing in my wardrobe. You can even say that my closet is a canvas and my clothes and accessories is the actual paintings of it's creation. Art and fashion come together for me and if I can create something that is beautiful and art just by putting on an outfit, it really makes me feel good. I like to shops at vintage shops, thrift stores, Macy's, H&M, Diesel, and a lot of online websites. Although some people may give me weid looks at times, it actually makes me feel good to know that I am living my life the way I want and not for anyone else. I love being my own indivisual and will always be myself.

Ps. below I added some images I found online and some personal pics that defines me


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