Wet N Wild looks like a million bucks

With a complete overhaul of packaging and a new energy infused into their products, Wet N’ Wild no longer looks anything like what it costs. 


I heard alot of buzz about these changes but I finally got to see them for myself tonight. I literally said ‘Wow” outloud - in the store - alone. Yep. They look THAT great!

The first thing I noticed was the sleek new packaging. Everything is encased in black with the emphasis on the actual products, not the cases in which they are held. The eyeshadows come in singles that are just amazing. Matte colors that are rich and intense and only $1.99! You can also buy trios, quads and even sets of 6! They are matched by the gorgeous new blush colors they have developed that seem to me to be useful for just about any skintone. Also available are cream stick eyeshaodws, slim lipsticks and gotta-have 5 day nail color in matte shades.

Finally, Wet N’ Wild has revamped their entire mascara line. Better formulations, larger selection and the new packagining put them right up there with any other drugstore line. They are, of course, less expensive and Wet N’ Wild is now serious about proving you do not have to spend a lot to look beautiful.

I think E.L.F might want to keep a close eye on these guys!


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