Colors of 2008

The Color and patterns of these fabric ray like the color of the rainbow. It is one of the biggest trends for the spring collection. The bold, cool, colors that are seen in the this year’s collections are “rich reds, deep magentas, peacock-blues, and bright greens”( Cadden 1 ). Not only are there cool colors , but there are vibrant colors such as: pink, turquoise, orange, yellow, electric blue, fuchsia, and purple( Wright 2).In addition there are energetic colors like gold, citrus , and livid pinks ( Edwards, Ninh 1 ).

The color might be exciting but the new bold prints are also electrifying. The hottest and newest pattern in floral. The runway was covered in big , “bold, oversized pansies and poppies“.( 1 In Full Bloom). Not only are garments covered in floral but also African, abstract or ikat prints. These prints are bold and usually colored in earth tones. The ikat print is a “ bright and funky woven pattern” which is usually on “tunics, dresses, and clutches”( 3 Wolff). Following ikat is a new hit, snakeskin. Leopard is out and snakeskin is in. Snakeskin will be found on shoes, bags, clothing, and bathing suits( Wright 2 ).


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