Bottom half of Fashion

Not only do tops have trends but also skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants have a new look for spring. Skirts, shorts, and pants have been constructed into a high waist. These bottoms are approaching up to the bust line , accenting the waist , therefore making women look smaller( What a Waist 1 ). Also, with the high waist bottoms, designers are adding skinny belts to make the defined waist even smaller( Wright 1 ). Dresses and skirts are changed to high waist and longer length to become more feminine.

Dresses and skirts are either at the mid calf or at the knee making women look more mature( Wright 1 ). Since the length of the dresses or skirts are not shorter it does not make them look inappropriate but with the length it makes them look older. Dresses that were spotted at fashion week conclude the following: “party dresses, shifts, shirt dresses, cocktail dresses, fluttery summer dresses, kicky skirts, and fuller skirts”( Morago 1 ). These types of dresses are more flirty and have more of a sexual appeal. Bubble skirts us the newest trend which “ elongate silhouettes and has no volume”( Wright 1 ).


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