Silk Scarves - A Truly Colorful History

Just as women can look stunning by accenting their designs, men can look just as dynamic with the correct scarf.

The usual way to clean a scarf is through a dry cleaner which may be very expensive, but highly, highly recommended. In many cases, people who enjoy wearing a scarf on a regular basis will use special cleaning products that are available on the market. Hand washing a scarf is also very common for individual who do a lot of traveling and want to wear the same scarf as part of their uniform or day-wear. It is important to take precautions to care for a scarf properly so that it doesn't look like it is outdated. Many people prefer to care for their delicate fabrics through hand-washing methods. But, you want to be sure to check the fabric with the chemical you use prior to hand washing, to be sure it won't damage the material or cause the fabric to fade.

There are endless ways to wear silk scarves that will add accent and style to day or evening wear. A scarf, properly worn, can coordinate anything from casual to a sophisticated look. A scarf can bring out the highlights of a hairstyle and many women use them to tie their hair in many different styles.

The simple scarf has a remarkable history that many people may not be aware of. The very first uses of scarves are unclear with historians and archaeologists differing in their assessment of the very first use of scarves.

Archaeologists believe that the first use of scarves (silk or otherwise) as an adornment was about 2000 years ago. In 1974 there was a discovery of a huge tomb dating back to ancient China about 260BC. This tomb held more than 7000 Chinese warrior figurines who had pieces of cloth wrapped around their necks.

May historians believe china may well have been the birthplace of the "scarf" but a few centuries later. Around 230BC the Chinese Emperor Cheng used pieces of cloth wrapped around the necks of his warriors to designate rank. His "officer" warriors wore silk scarves and the ordinary rank warriors were issued with cotton scarves.

Yes, it's true, fads can include thrown together looks. A poor design, though, looks tacky, plain and simple.

Beautiful silk scarves have beautiful, well thought out designs. They are attractive to look at. You enjoy gazing at them. They always enhance what they are being worn with.

Color- This is fairly subjective too. I will say though, understanding good colors and how to work with colors seems to come naturally to some and not to others. And you tend to know, with time, which kind of person you are. If you aren't very good at it, get help! It is something you can get better at with a little training and understanding.

Beautiful scarves have beautiful colors, whether they are trendy or classic, timeless colors.

Finish- The main thing to be concerned with when it comes to finish is the stitching used for the edges. There are folks out there that like hand rolled hems. Hand rolled hems can still be done improperly. I have found this to be the case even with extremely expensive scarves (costing hundreds of dollars). Shawl Wraps for Different Outfits, Shawl Wraps for Different Outfits, Shawl Wraps for Different Outfits


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