Yummy Mummy’s

So spring has sprung, the Easter bunny has come and gone, and every one is a-buzz about what Kate Middleton will be wearing this week at the Royal Wedding to Prince William. As the sun starts heating things up many hot mama’s have been out and about, doing what they do best, looking fabulous.

Lovely Mum Alessandra Ambrosio was sweet and Boho-chic at Coachella, wearing a blush petticoat inspired dress. She paired this with hot pink accessories and a mixed-print scarf that really popped!  A great way to get the same look is either with a LEIGH & LUCA Orchids Ombrye Scarf ($219.00), or the CHAN LUU Cashmere and Silk Scarf in Renaissance Rose ($195.00) and a Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet in Magenta. These are definitely Spring/Summer essentials. It is hard to believe Alessandra will be celebrating her third Mother’s Day herself this year with daughter Anja.

Another yummy Mummy seen out and about sporting cool casual style is Gwyneth Paltrow holding her son Moses. Moses looks like he cannot get enough of his mummy’s cream scarf and neither can we! As Gwyneth clearly pulls off, light barley there make-up is also ‘in’ this season. The MATTA Svaathi Scarf in Gold ($89.00), CHAN LUU Cashmere and Silk Scarf in Cameo Rose ($195.00), and a Salmon colored Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet are fresh compliment to brightly colored shirts or to accentuate spring break tans.

It is hard to write about stylish mothers without mentioning New York’s own matriarch of downtown style…Sarah Jessica Parker. This mother of three really does make looking cool look easy. What could be a rather plain outfit is spruced up with a pink scarf and cosy flats.  To get a scarf just like SJP grab the MATTA Buti Dupatta Stole In Pink Quartz ($216.00) or the Chan Luu Cashmere and Silk Scarf in Adobe Rose ($195.00). The bracelet that works perfectly with this palette is the Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet in Lavender.

Blush, pinks, creams, nudes, and pinks are trends for the season and Creative Contrast scarves and bracelets are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Grab one for your own mother to let her know how stylish and cool you think she is. Or if you are a mummy yourself steal a look from these ladies and get your hubby to buy you a treat you will love now.


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