Getting Wrapped Up In Sir Alistair Rai

I know, I know... scarves are meant for winter, right? Well, if this is your line of thinking, then let me correct you! Beautifully patterned and comfortably lightweight scarves are another of the hot topics in fashion this spring. One designer who knows how to bring to life the epitome of beautiful spring scarves is Kiran Rai, of the fashion lines Sir Alistair Rai and Satya Rai. Sir Alistair Rai is famous for their beautiful, delicate designs as well as bursting bright colors. Every design exudes a playful energy that will make you feel the same the moment you wrap one around you! Sir Alistair Rai scarves and wraps have been seen adorning the necks and shoulders of several well known celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, Mischa Barton and Julia Roberts.

A favorite of mine is the Karma Khari Print Scarf. With its beautiful sunset colors and stunning details, it's sure to brighten up any outfit or dreary day!

-Amie Miklovich, Contributing Blogger


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