Colorful Jamaica

It is the Caribbean island best known for Rastafarianism, reggae, jerk chicken and lots of punching rum. But for me, this beautiful paradise was all about color.

Spring is the perfect time to vacate to Jamaica. It's palate of azul sky sunny days are concluded by the most spectacular peachy-pink sunsets. If the thought of complete hedonism, owning your own piece of Mo-Bay Beach isn't enough, then complement that with nouvelle Jamaican culinary charm at your very own slice of a Negril Beach restaurant and hammock hanging Rasta relaxing rum bar.

The ortanique hues from the tropical gardens contrasted by the vibrant iridescent white smiles from the friendly locals captured my heart.

I am convinced that Jamaica is by far my favorITe place to be when it's still freezing and even snowing in many other parts of the world.


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