Louis Vuitton Designs Carbon Fiber Luggage Collection For BMW i8

Photo Credit: BMW

It’s no secret that Louis Vuitton is the pioneer of art and travel.

Now, staying true to its heritage, they have created remarkable luggage for a remarkable automobile, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid.

This is the auto brands first plug-in hybrid, so its desire to create a tailor-made set of luggage to compliment the extraordinary vehicle, one of the most progressive sports cars, is right on point.

The light-weight set flaunts the classic Damier pattern and is created from black carbon fiber with colors that perfectly match the BMW i8.

It consists of two travel bags, a business case and a garment bag.

The tailor-made luggage perfectly fits into the interior of the sleek BMW i8.

Besides the garment bag, the collection comes with the iconic Louis Vuitton padlocks, leather name -tags, and the handles are made from dyed natural leather.

File this under the best- looking luggage ever to come from a BMW partnership.



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