Be Green This Halloween!

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults alike, and many don't realize it, but it can also be a great time to teach kids a little about sharing, being ecofriendly, and making healthy food choices.

Rather than running out and plunking down $30 for a new Halloween costume from the local store, why not dig through your closet and be creative in reusing old clothes to create a new innovative costume? Or visit your local goodwill store and create a costume from bits and pieces of vintage stuff. If you want to get a costume for free, swap "used" costumes from past years with other local moms and every kid wins with a "new to them" outfit!

Teach kids about being ecofriendly by giving them an Envirosax Halloween Reusable Bag. They can use it to carry candy and goodies during trick-or-treat, and with 4 different designs, there is one to fit every personality. The best part is you won't need to toss the disposable Halloween candy bags or plastic pumpkins which tend to break, and you can easily wrap up this bag and snap it shut to a tiny 1" x 4" roll so it's easy to store and bring out every year - you can EASILY get 10+ years of use out of your Envirosax Halloween Bag and you'll be the envy of other ghouls and goblins knocking on doors. Teach kids that reusing things means less waste, which is good for the environment. Watch how quickly they apply that lesson to other areas of their lives.

Halloween is also a time to teach them about making healthy food choices, and although they get lots of candy, maybe mom/dad take half of it and store it in a safe place so they don't eat it all within the first week. Throughout the next few months, you can dole out a few pieces here and there as rewards, or just teach them that candy is ok in moderation, and they get a piece or two each day, rather than filling up on it immediately until it's gone. Teach them how to make healthier caramel apples with nuts, or raw granola bars with dried fruit and nuts. Take them pumpkin picking and roast the seeds. Go for hikes and identify animal tracks, then reward them with a frozen yogurt cone.

Teach them lessons about sharing - their costumes, candy, games, etc.. it's a great time to show them the joy that is felt when reaching out and giving something to someone who may not have as much.

These lessons will truly mean they will have gotten a lifelong "treat" which will last them much longer than the candy from Halloween.


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