Just Breathe - James Perse Is Here!

Just breathe a sigh of relief, James Perse Enterprises Inc. has launched his limited edition t-shirts "Just Breathe" by James Perse in order to better National Jewish Health. Proceeds go to Denver Based Medical Facility, National Jewish Health, who specializes in respiratory, immune, and cardiac related diseases. Why just breathe? Perse says, "’I' ve suffered with terrible asthma my entire life and I know first hand that just breathing is a luxury that people take for granted,” (www.poshglam.com). It is natural for Perse to feel compassion on the patients because he understands their suffering. His intentions for sponsoring National Jewish Health is to provide hope and relief for the ailing. Not only providing luxury for the consumer, he is for the community as well. James Perse luxury t-shirts retail at $60.00 a shirt, net profits that will improve a life. When purchasing a James Perse luxury t-shirt, you are indulging not due to want or materialism. If one is going to spend, why not spend to better a life?


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