Metabolic Manipulation Program

Metabolic Manipulation Program
Do you think your metabolism has shut down? Do you want to loose weight for a special event? There are many factors involved in losing weight. If you have participated in weight loss programs but haven't seen results, or experienced the yo-yo effect of losing and then regaining the weight, that is because all these programs are based on a reduction of caloric intake. So what happens then? You may lose the first easy 10 pounds and then stop when your body gets used to it. And as you start assuming the same calories as you were before you will gain the weight back plus more (yo-yo effect) Unless, you stay on the program forever - and even then you body will shut down and not respond anymore. This is very frustrating and may cause you to give up all together. You may need a program tailored specifically to your body's needs. This is what I call the Metabolic Manipulation Program.

Testimonial of one of my clients:
I am Isabel Summers and a client of Angelo Sorrenti. I was never heavy until a few years ago when I believe my metabolism shut down. Angelo has a diet called Metabolic Manipulation. Basically it is like a computer re-boot. I began training with Angelo 14 months ago and have lost 50 pounds and am now in very good shape and health too! I was on blood pressure and cholesterol medication but now I am not any meds and have more energy and better mental health as well.


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