"Beauty is..."

Beauty is diversity.  Beauty is the celebration of one' s own uniqueness.  Beauty is what you can bring to the table.  Beauty is that special characteristic of yourself  that makes you interesting.   Beauty is a love and acceptance of one' s self.  Beauty is being different and loving it!

Have you ever noticed someone that isn' t necessarily gorgeous by the tabloid' s standards, but is absolutely attractive to you and everyone around you?  What is it about them?  What makes you lean in when they speak?  What is that makes their presence linger in your thoughts a little after they have left your presence?  Why are they such a question mark in your mind?  What makes that person so special?  Beauty often comes from within.

To me, what makes a person beautiful is their unique qualities.  I know so many different types of people, especially women.  I recently have acquired a group of female friends, that are each unique, and even to us, it is bizarre that we are such friends, that we have so much in common, & that we all get along and have so much fun.   Each woman in the group has admitted to being skittish of other women, and have all said that none of us had actually had a group of female friends before.  Now we have parties in the name of "Girl' s Nite!"  We make up theme parties to show off each woman' s unique fashion style.   We dress up in costumes or whatever makes us feel beautiful.  We make up parties to celebrate personal victories.  We brag, we talk, we debate, but most of all we celebrate us and feel beautiful.  We get along so well, we raise one another up, give each other encouragement, we boost each other' s self esteem.   We are so different, yet we love each other so much and each recognize each other' s beauty and what we like to call "fabulousness." 

It is the acceptance of one another and our selves.  The realization that everyone is unique and special and different.  There is no longer one image of beauty.  Beauty can be every skin color, every weight size, every skin tone,  every eye color, every culture, every sub-culture, everything and anything! 

Beauty is abolishing the "All or nothing attitude."  I have often felt like I could never add up because I am not completely perfect.  I have often watched tv, commercials, flipped through magazines, and felt like I am so inadequate...that no one will ever find me attractive, that I will never be anything.  My advice, throw it all out!  Trust in yourself!  Relish in the things that you are, forget about the things that you aren' t, and fix the things that you can!  Magnify those things about you that are beautiful.   Accept what cannot be changed, and work, work, work for what you want to be!  Surround yourself with encouraging and uplifting people.  Surround yourself with people that are as successful or more successful as you are or that have the same aspirations and goals that you do. 

Also, and of course, everyone has been saying this all along, but as a fitness professional...Exercise helps your physical image, but most important, helps your mental image of yourself as well. 

Beauty is what makes you special and it' s not always physical.  Show off your unique knowledge of music history from the 1600' s, your knowledge of astronomy, your ability to sing, write, your great math skills, the fact that you are a great, caring mother, that you are great at your job, that you love to decorate, your unique culture, your fascination with sci-fi films from the 60' s...anything and everything!  What are you good at?  What would you like to be good at?  How do you express these things?  Do these qualities show?

How are these unique inside qualities showing on the outside?

Show off your special qualities!

Beauty is freedom from what other people think.  Beauty is independence.  Beauty is acceptance of one' s self and others.  Beauty is diversity.  Beauty comes from within.

What makes you beautiful?


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