Drama and simplicity | Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair AW09

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair are my Swedish designer favorites. What appeals to me is their drama and the ability to transform classic garments to exciting new creations. And the autumn of 2009 offers all the drama that can be desired while their quest for simplicity is in place. Black, burgundy and classic glenfinnan checks boxes appears through the collection.

Photos: Fashion Week by Berns

About Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair finds inspiration in conserving tradition as well as breaking those same norms.

The label is inspired by an old shoemakers shop in London that has gone from generation to generation passing on knowledge in craftsmanship and traditions of this old profession. Since classic tailoring, pattern making and authentic knowledge always stays a priority and a necessity in the collections this label was named Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair in 2004.

Stockholm, Sweden have kicked off the first part of shows for Autumn/Winter 2009. The first part took place on the 26th to 28th of January.The second part is happening on the 9th to 15th Febuary. Copenhagen Fashion Week (Denmark) takes place in between, 4th to 8th of Febuary.


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