Circular | Christopher Kane SS09

"It was Planet of the Apes, and then The Flintstones, Raquel Welch in Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C., and then Dian Fossey and her gorillas."

The words are Christopher Kane on the sources of inspiration for his Spring collection. And you can see traces of dinosaur backs in the three-dimensional circles that can be found on almost every garment, but nothing in Christopher Kane collection is either the Stone Age or prehistoric.

If you look at Kane's collection for this season, you fairly quick see the link between autumn's circles in the form of oversized sequins and Springs even bigger three-dimensional variations in chiffon and leather on the same theme.

It is perhaps not the most wearable every day collection shown so far during Fashion Week but it is fashion at an artistic level. And isn't it just wonderful to watch?


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