It Invention: The Cybertecture Mirror.

On the verge of the new year there is always talk about perfecting our body image, taking care of our health and exercising wellness. In my search for gadgets that help us on this quest I found the The Cybertecture Mirror - more than just an elegant mirror for everyday use. At the touch of a button, it comes to life right in front of your eyes. The reflective surface displays information and content through feeds that stream onto the mirror surface from the internet.

Its visual reflective display augments your reflection with interactive information and can be customised for specific functions, such as exercising, measuring your body fat, monitoring health as well as connecting with friends and experts. I can totally see it working for beauty and fashion in the future - imagine a stylist advice or beauty tutorial from your interactive mirror! Looks like the future is here - for the full experience check out the demo video on


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