EXCLUSIVE! "It" Phone: Verizon's DROID by Motorola.

I'm always on the lookout for the next "It" phone, just as much as I am for the next "It" shoe to replace the gladiators. That's why when Verizon invited me for an exclusive sneak peek at the latest DROID by Motorola, set to release in stores November 6th, I was excited to get the scoop! Unlike shoes (besides Manolos, perhaps) new cell phone releases really tend to change our lifestyle these days, and Droid does it on multiple levels:

All-in-one connector - we are finally getting close to that futuristic scenario when all our activities can be controlled from one single device (and it's not your computer). Of course, this isn't the first phone to do that, but it's probably the most advanced one considering its large screen, full QWERTY, the closest to desktop browser and video capabilities. Add an open apps platform to that and you've got soon-to-be the most powerful connector (or controller, depending on your personality).

Synchronization - don't you ever dream about all your email accounts synced into one? I do, and Droid makes this dream come true. Not only by syncing emails, but the entire updates feed including Facebook, Twitter, messages and any other things that constantly change in your life (except moods, perhaps)

Social - yes, we are getting closer to that scary place when sharing our content across our social networks becomes so easy you don't feel the need to filter it. Videos recorded on Droid can be uploaded on YouTube with one click. As a "social media expert" I'm scared, but this is a topic for another post.

Local – while I and most early adopters are just getting into the mobile location based social networks like FourSquare, Google Latitude is challenging them all by keeping us connected directly via phones, considering we all use Google’s Android system, of course. If you think you already know too much about your friends from their Facebook feed, now you will also have their faces on your phone’s map, showing you exactly where they are at every single moment of their uber exciting lives. Did I mention this phone is life changing?...

Content - as a constant contact creator I'm especially impressed by the photo and video capabilities, including a camera with flash and a great quality video recorder. This portion will require a real reporter test to get further impression.

Entertainment - I was sold on the entertainment qualities of this phone when discovered you can actually watch a 3 hour movie while traveling on a plane thanks to the special dock device (purchased separately). Not to mention it also plays music and basically replaces your entire entertainment system.

Shopping - I kept my favorite part to the end, because what I've seen today might and probably will change the way we shop in the future. This little device is able to read barcodes on any product, and thanks to its smart apps even search for the cheapest prices online. I will let you, shopping addicts, imagine the results of this invention yourself… From grocery lists to bargain shopping for the latest fashions, your ability to identify and search items just came down to one single click - once you scanned the barcode, all the info in the world is in your fingertips. From where to buy (including both online and local stores with direct number to call) to price comparison - the technology is there to make sure you get what you want, for the best price, at the most convenient location. In fact, it makes me want to leave everything I do, run and develop lots of cool apps using this feature. But back to my review...

The only drawback I found with Verizon’s Droid, which is unfortunately for a jetsetter like me a major issue, was the lack of global capabilities. I believe Verizon will add this in future release, but up until then I will have to stick to my Samsung Saga, or possibly keep two phones.

Stay tuned for a more advanced review, as I dive deep into the actual phone experience during the next month (the time period I got this new hot toy to play with). 

The Motorola DROID with Google’s Android 2.0 will hit Verizon Wireless stores on November 6th. It will be smart to get in line early, before these “It” phones are sold out…


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