10 "It" Things That Made My Year In 2008.

Here is my list of 10 "It" Things that made my life easier, prettier, efficient, faster, enjoyable and of course more fabulous, in 2008:

1. Kathlin Argiro couture dress I wore for our "It" Designer runway show finale. Embellished with hundreds of Swarovski crystals, this dress made feel special and unique, like no other dress I've ever had.

2.  Jurlique Lavender Silk Finishing Powder - a truly magical product that allowed me to get rid of the unwanted shine of my naturally oily skin and take better photos.

3. Sex & The City Movie - not because it was an Oscar-worthy picture, but because it brought girls power to the weekend movie boxes. and yes, I watched it three times.

4. Shapewear - it was a true discovery for me this year, allowed me to finally relax about my naturally full belly section and stop being constantly asked what month I am at.

5. HP TouchSmart Notebook - the most stylish gadget/accessory I've ever had. 12" screen fits in my fashionable purses, and the digital pen attached to the touch screen allows me to take notes from the front rows at the fashion week, in style.

6. Maxius MaxiGlide 2" Ceramic Straightener. Having naturally curly (or mostly frizzy hair), hair tools are a big part of my life (unfortunately). After trying many of them through the years, I found this great invention with innovative design of detangling pins, a steamburst system, ridges, grooves, and ceramic technology which creates smooth, shiny, straight hair in under 20 minutes.

7. BE & D 'Kan-Kan' Tote - was "borrowed" from Avelle.com (ex Bag Borrow or Steal). it was the first time I carried n accessory with higher than $1,200 price tag. I must admit it felt good...

8. Lipstick Jungle. So it's not the perfect SATC replacement (yet), but it definitely satisfies the need for seeing successful and fabulous NYC women on a small screen. 

9. Calvin Klein Dark royal dress - it was this dress (and mostly the impression it made) that helped me realize that business attire doesn't have to be inspired by menswear. Feminine dresses in bold colors actually put you in advantage at any boardroom.

10. Brida by Paulo Coelho - powerful books will always continue to be my "It" things.

Have a great 2009 and don't forget to share your "It" things!! 


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