It Designer: Rachel Roy Celebrates Fall 2012.

Rachel Roy's presentations are always a celebration - of clothes, colors, people! Rachel herself couldn't be more welcoming, socializing with the guests, all smiles. Her collection, a well curated explosion of color, was on display at the Lincoln Center this Monday and featured quite a few IT items, particularly the purple shearling coat and the fuzzy orange jacket - both are part of the colorful outwear trend we've been seeing a lot this season.

I was excited to wear a Rachel Roy dress from her previous collection to the event, graciously sent me by the designer herself a few days earlier. I never realized how well structured and shaped her dresses are until I tried one on (proof below). It has easily become one of the favorite items in my wardrobe right now, and the presentation got me inspired to invest in a few more of Rachel's creations next Fall!


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