"It" Designer: David Yurman Celebrates in Bloomingdale’s New York.

Last week I had a pleasure to join the ultimate "It" jewelry designer and icon David Yurman for the opening of his shop-in-shop at Bloomingdale’s New York. The innovative retail concept  provides a window into the world of the Yurman family and their jewelry design, all inside the Bloomingdale's experience. Designer fans (mostly of the female kind) joined the celebration, and were treated for personal attention from the designer himself, who couldn't be more friendlier in return.

I was ready for my one-on-one with David Yurman, list of important questions in my hand, while it seemed like there was little chance I get to ask them all considering the crowds surrounding him. In my mind I already settled for a short introduction, and was ready to politely move on, when a smile and a handshake turned into a ten minutes discussion on everything from blogging to communism and the idea of shared living (David was part of the hippies movement in the 60s).

Instead of asking all my important questions about the industry and inspiration, I myself was on the spot answering questions about my blog and digital media in general.  Perhaps we, digital creatures known as fashion bloggers, are as interesting to designers as they are to us. After all we both are creative people curious about the same subject, just approaching it from a different angle. And that's was the common ground David Yurman and I found at the end of this inverted interview. This is probably the most rewarding part of my "job" - not only being able to be part of this industry, but experience those random personal connection moments with the talented people who are shaping it...

Check out David Yurman's gorgeous new space at Bloomingdale’s next time you are in NYC, and look for more in-store boutique openings in Europe, Asia and Middle East in the next year, as his brand expands globally, which is an unbelievable achievement these days.


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