Is Aretha Franklin And Her Bow Hat To Save The Hats Industry?

If Michelle Obama is credited for the recent hope of the fashion industry, after today's Inauguration ceremony Aretha Franklin might be credited for saving the hats industry (or at least helping its comeback).

Her gray wool hat with a huge rhinestone-studded bow has definitely stole the attention from the song she sang, and probably made hat-lovers such as Anna Piaggi and Rosemary Ponzo excited in front of their TV screens.

In case you possess some of Aretha's bold presence qualities and decide to rock the bow hat - here are few (toned down I must admit) choices that will serve you well:

Lisa Shaub Fedora Bow $95

Laura Ashley  BLACK Wool Felt  Bow (Ebay) $9+

Giant Bow Head Piece by Franny Vintage (Etsy) $12 

Barbara Feinman Bow Cloche $175 


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