It Parfume: L’HEURE DIAPHANE by Cartier.

Those of you who regularly read my blog might remember my review of the first series of Cartier's Luxury Fragrance Collection, LES HEURES DE PARFUM. Last week I got the samples of 3 new fragrances - L’HEURE FOUGUEUSE, L’HEURE DÉFENDUE and L’HEURE DIAPHANE have joined the series of thirteen hours chosen by Cartier as the chapters of a story in the making. I love these perfumes particularly because of their sophistication and complexity - you won't be able to point every ingredient in the bouquet of notes - something I always appreciate. My favorite out of the new additions is VIII – L’HEURE DIAPHANE, which came accompanied by this story -

The world stirred, preparing its early morning with freshness and joy… Washed. That first gleam of light that caressed the eyelashes was soft (peony notes), we could have bathed naked in the clear fountain for its transparency, for its sheer blossoming of life (rose). Mouth, neck and shoulders, it mingled with the air naturally, untamed and fresh (lychee notes), like a smile that still recalls the child. Everything seemed new and right at the floral source of the silver thread (amber wood) of this shining HEURE DIAPHANE whose exquisite reflections dissolved everything, wrapping (ionones) it in a cloud of pure emotion.


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