Wanamaker 2009 Spring/Summer Collection Mood Boards

The theme for the Wanamaker 2009 spring/summer collection is "marine." Print colors palette: beautiful blue skies, puffy white clouds, yellow sunsets, and red stripes. Motifs: ropes, ships, seagulls, and the ocean. Clothing styles: antique sailor uniforms, meticulously detailed buttons, embroidery, sailor collar, cuffs, vintage duffle sack, and cotton canvas fabric. All these key words were a great inspiration for me.

Another inspiration came from a close friend. She was looking for a special dress for a European vacation cruise. She would be attending parties with many famous people and wanted a dress to really stand out in this crowd – a very unique dress. However, she couldn’t find anything like that so she asked me to create one. This experience motivated me to develop this marine collection. I want to create a casual summer dresses, party dresses, and an airy blouse.

I hope this gets everyone excited to see the new collection. I look forward to showing you the final designs. Please keeping checking back for more updates. Thanks for all your support.


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