*****Examples of 5 Fashion Fads*****

A Fad is an extraordinary appeal, the public adores, for a brief period in time.

1960 Optical Art Movement Black and white fashion fad

During the time of ‘The British Invasion’, a growing group of American abstract Artists began the ‘Op Art’ movement. Optical Art is a visually stimulating optical illusion, which plays on still color and shapes. Think of classic hypnosis. This movement caught the Eyes of the public and inspired designers to create a fashion of black and white. For about a year, these fashion followers only wore black and white.
After the assassination of JFK 1964, The United States was in a vulnerable state of mind. ‘The British Invasion’ began in 1963. The Beatles were few of many groups from England to breakthrough in North America/globally in 1964. Pop / Rock n Roll music was popular during 1964-1967.

Youth Op art Fashion fad in 1960’s.


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