Behind the Scenes: Marc Jacobs BANG by Juergen Teller.

We've already told you about the new It fragrance - Marc Jacobs BANG and the fun Facebook game - "BANG You're It" launched with the fragrance. Today, we are taking you behind the scenes of the provocative photoshoot by Juergen Teller, featuring Marc himself, wearing nothing but his new fragrance bottle...

Here is the short Q&A between the two, talking BANG:

MJ: Hi Everybody from Coty, it’s Marc here and [I] just wanted to tell you that I am very excited about Bang, looking forward to wearing it and looking forward to smelling it on all the cool guys across the world. Thanks!

MJ: The word “Bang” came to me, and I liked that it was a sound, and also that it felt something like it was finished, done, end of story, you know…kind of complete.

JT: It seemed so perfect. “Bang!” there you are, “Bang!” here’s the new perfume.

JT: Even the crushed-ness of the bottle and everything like that; it sort of “strength.”

MJ: The fragrance itself is very peppery. Pepper has always been my favorite spice. I like the way it hits. I like the impact of pepper. I like the sort of reaction that one has to that sort of “hit.”

MJ: Fragrance right out of a bottle is one thing; it’s like, that’s what catches you. But there’s something about it being worn and mixing with what the body does. That’s really…that’s the scent I really love.

JT: Using that sort of glittery, shimmery, crushed material helped us to kind of force that sort of bang effect, you know, which is kind of that “Bang!”

JT: It’s really just about him; him as a man—the bottle. And [there’s a] sort of glamorousness about it…and a certain simple-ness about it…and it forces [us] to fuel-in that silver bang. And I think we achieved it very well. Actually, it’s really good what we’ve done, I think, yeah.


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