Are shoulder pads coming back?

Are shoulder pads coming back?

Remember shoulder pads? I remember having a closet full of shirts that consisted of them. They used to annoy me because they had a tendacy of sliding every which way, and at any given moment!


Have you ever stop to question what the purpose was for shoulder pads? Was it just because we were trying to follow recent fads? Or were we trying to convey a broader look, in hopes of some way appearing more confident?


As I think through my memory styles of old, I’m automatically taken to the shirts with the loud colors. I swear 90% of my shoulder-pad apparel was attached to some loud pink, green or orange shirt poly-blend! I do remember the job-friendly bodices or dresses which were usually made of black or white colored rayon and big buttons, I never had any use for them ~I’m an 80’s child~ but I can remember them being a hit on the runways!


If recent red-carpet events are any indication (some of the most confident starlets are rocking them), then they are definitely on their way back!!!

They're ba-ack! Shoulder pads, the '80s staple people love to hate, are popping up on the runway - and in Hollywood. Scope out thestarlets who're supplementing their shoulders with "Dallas"-worthy look.<br><br>Beam her up, Scotty! Kim Kardashian trades her usual skintight fare for Trekkie-worthy gear.


Trendsetter Mary-Kate Olsen flashes back to her "Full House" days.

Mary Kate

Victoria Beckham thinks the look is totally ma-jor.

Victoria Beckham

Beyonce goes all out onstage.


We're just not that into Jennifer Connelly's puffy shoulders.

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Esposito doesn't shy away from the trend.

Jennifer Esposito

When Vivica A. Fox goes '80s, she goes all out.

Vivica Fox

Sienna Miller accents her arms with puffy sequins.

Sienna Miller

Isla Fisher gets a lift at a premiere of "Confessions of a Shopaholic."

Isha Fisher

Anne Hathaway rounds things out in Rome.

Anne Hathaway

Ashley Olsen pads down the red carpet.

MAry Kate

Poof! Madonna's not playing around in New York.


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