Family Meetings - 14

June 19, 1972

Present:  Mom, Pat, Mike, John, Pete

Meeting opened with a prayer. 

Secretary read minutes of last meeting.

Treasurer's Report:  Savings Account closed out to move.

Old Business:  We don't need a lawn mower any more.

New Business:  We are going to move.  In the new house, we will set up new jobs and a new way to pay.  John said whenever you go to the store, be sure to write down a slip.  Our moving date is Saturday, July 1st.  Pat and Mike want to help move.  John does too.

When we get to the new house, we should have new rules.  Mom should spank oftener so all rules are followed.

Make and post a list of new rules.

We will see if we can get bunk beds.  We are going to try to sell the refrigerator, stove, davenport and maybe the washer.  We need a new vacuum cleaner, frying pan, a new car, new chairs, new underwear, new play clothes and school clothes.

Paytime:  Pat got 10 cents, Mike - 10 cents, John - 55 cents, and Pete - 10 cents.

Mike motioned meeting be adjourned.

(Explanatory Note:  We were moving from Menasha to Appleton.  We were going into HUD (low income) housing.  We were transferring into a different county so we would receive food stamps instead of surplus foods.  No more powdered milk.)


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