Family Meetings - 10

Feb. 5, 1972

Present:  Mom Pat, Mike, John & Pete

Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer.

Secretary read minutes of last meeting.

Treasurer's Report:  Savings Account balance is zero.  We have $40 to deposit.

Old Business:  We bought a snow shovel.  We will move Mike's desk upstairs.

Job changes:  Mike - Milk - 5 cents a pitcher; Pat - In charge of fish.  Pat in charge of dining room.  Mike in charge of living room.  John - Bathroom and playroom.  Pete - Bedroom.

New Business:  We want to buy some tables for playroom.

It was payday:  Pete - 5 cents; John 20 cents; Mike - 90 cents; Pat $1.75.

John motioned meeting be adjourned and Mike seconded it.

(Explanatory Note:  We purchased an acquarium somewhere in here.  I remember having a school of Neons and a Plecostomus.  Also, we were in a three bedroom, two story home.  We must have moved all four boys into one bedroom and turned the second bedroom into a playroom.)


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