Let’s Talk About Hair

You can call me vain, but I love my hair!

I love the feel and the look of my hair now more than ever before. But I want to tell you that it didn’t really start this way. My biggest concern in the past was my hair was not as full and vibrant as I wanted it to be. It was dry and out of shape, more so, I even suffered from a lot of hair loss. I had to find a way to bring bounce, luster and shape to my hair. I was desperate for volume and shine. I just had to find a way. It took me several research and recommendations from my friends before I finally settled in to one, hair loss in women treatment. It took me awhile to admit that I had a problem that needed a solution. I’ve read that hormones, stress, lifestyle had taken its toll on my once beautiful mane. But thanks to many well-meaning friends who recommended several solutions for me, I am now enjoying or at least reaping the benefits of a beautiful hair. I no longer have to worry about dry and thinning hair. I just need to take care of myself more and a careful watch on my lifestyle.


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