so short and simple ... I had a breakdown. My mom was worried so much missed like a whole week of school and went to a therapist. I know what t your thinking. she s crazy. WEll maybe i am but frankly i could care less about what people think anymore. My teachers suck. There terrible iv e never met such an illiterate group of people. how they got there degrees is beyond me. however there is the few that i have to acknowledge. for instance my biology just an amazing teacher. Then, well hmm that's pretty sad i cant even think of another teacher who i actually look forward too going to there class. /Who encourages there students. I don't understand how my school is one of the top 100 in the nation. My grades are slipping. The one thing i love (my camera) broke. so that just added to it. My sis is so preoccupied in figuring out the navy and if she should go any longer or not that my parents are screaming at me and almost forgetting that my 16th birthday is in 2 days. My gift form them is taking me and my friends for dinner. Oh yeh really come on they did the same thing last year too. THey forget and thats what hurts me the most. Im not sure if i mentioned my grade are terrible. did i ? Well the only positive thing out there for me right now is thta i took some amzing pictures of my friend. But the negative she doesnt want me to post them up anywere she doesnt feel "comfortable".It' not like these photos are inappropriate shes fully clothed and theres no sexual content at all she just doesnt feel like it . Just great huh ?


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