I always wonder if i will ever be good enough . My mother tells me that I can always do better than that  , but its just to much for me. Broke up with the latest bf about 5 mnths ago and his memories haunt me . I  will try to move on , but some how he is there to ruin it for me. I wish i could rewind time so I wouldnt have to experience this. He says these things to the guys i go for and they see me differently. I just have no idea what to do i want to just run away sometimes. Retreat toa place of tranquility. for my recent try for a guy didnt turn out so well. I regret not doing thins i should have done.

#1. Listen too your heart not your friends

#2. Its good to listen to your friends but only take there side comments  dont have them tell you what to do

#3. YOu feel like you should do something then do it

#4. Have no regrets

#5. Move fast and be obvious

#6.  Don't dwell on no getting the guy ( like how i am right now) theres other fish in the sea

#7. LIVE to your fullest

#8. Have fun and be yourself

  Take this advice and use it  trust me it will help !!


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