If anyone reads my posts they might notice that I'm am pretty young about to go into high school. But what my problem is that i want to be independent already. I want to be out there driving and going to my dream job. Which is becoming a magazine editor -n- chief. Even though i am told by my mother that it's a very difficult thing to do I am positive if i put my heart and soul in it i can do it. I am going to be the one of the millions of people who actually achieve it because I can push myself harder than any person I know. But sometimes I have those road blocks that tell me it's impossible that there's no chance. Then i put them aside and I move forward. I signed up for this looking for a place to vent and I ended up getting to realize what i want to do. I will use this to write and practice my skills for achieving my dream job. So I thank the people who comment or vote on my posts or my it things because you're the reason why I do this you're the ones who give me that extra boost that i need to continue writing so thank you!


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