Life lesson : Being Used

  As I've been told my problem is that it's hard for me to be mean to someone and that i let things go way to quickly. Sometimes thats a good thing , but when people realize that they taken advantage and use you. My resent encounter I had was with my two friends. I've always had shaky feelins about them both. One of them used me to get closer to my ex , because she could't make guy friends on her own (as she used her ex to meet mine). She would always insist on hanging out with him when i was there. So a few day later she called me freaking out , because she wasn't the first to hear. So , about 2 weeks later another friend of mine that i haven't recently talk to suprises with me with a txt asking me about the breal up later on i found out that she got what she could from me and told my ex later on. Then we go back to my first friend  she txtd me askin if i could forgive her my answer not in a million years. Then she addmitted to me later on that she was talking  dirt behinde my back to my ex. So i learned my lesson pn when i am being used.   It hurts me to know that  I have to actually worry about this, but again this is a life lesson 


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