RAWSkincare Ambiaty Concentrated Serum and it's Many Uses

As promised, I am here to review the products that couldn't be lived without during my vacation a few weeks ago. This review is actually one that revolves around my mom and her use of RAWSkincare's Ambiaty Concentrated Serum.

My mom has a weird reaction to the sun every time we go to the lake or river and her face swells up in the area between her eyes. It's pretty scary because she kind of looks like a lion when it happens. Her dermatologist recently told her that she's allergic to the sun when extremely exposed.

Well, while she doesn't keep out of the sun like she should, or take other precautions, like wearing a hat or sunscreen, she did accidentally stumble upon a cure to her king of the jungle-sized problem: Ambiaty Concentrated Serum.

More concerned with wrinkles than skin cancer, my mom used this product more than sunscreen over the course of our week-long vacation. She was surprised to discover that this beauty product has a little secret, it prevents inflammation caused by allergic reactions to the sun!
Although recommended to rejuvenate the skin and help it appear more youthful, it makes sense that it would actually work the way it did for my mom. The RAWSkincare cream is also designed to reduce pore size, improve hydration, promote healthy cell turnover, and increase the growth of collagen.

So, I can see how this product effectively kept her face looking fresh, and for lack of a better word, normal. In addition to all of the amazing benefits of the Ambiaty Concentrated Serum provides, it also boasts 100% natural certified organic ingredients.

Photo courtesy of: Raw Natural Beauty


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