The Virtual Dressing Room

I often nix the idea of shopping online because the majority of the time, whatever I purchased turned out to be a complete and utter fail. The return excuses seem to fall under these categories: the color was inaccurate, the fit was so totally different, or the fabric was misleading. Well, I come bearing good news! The answer: a fashion robot.

This machine lives at FITS.ME, where it eliminates the obstacle of online shopping, and may even cancel the need to ever step into a dreaded dressing room again. This virtual dressing room uses shape-shifting robots that transform into a variety of body types, to model clothes in different sizes, so that you can be given a precise look at how a garment will fit.

Co-founders Heikki Haldre and Paul Pällin told Wired magazine, “Our algorithm takes four minutes to work out each shape,” which only further adds to the genius innovation.

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