BonBon Jewelry

BonBon jewelry by Micah Yancey encompasses one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that merge vintage, 14kt gold fill, and sterling silver findings. In addition to her use of high quality materials, designer Micah aims to use a lot of negative space in her designs to honor the stones and allow them the attention they deserve. Her stunning, yet simple creations are the perfect combination of classic yet trend-setting, simple yet eye-catching. Translation: these beautiful pieces stand as an investment and statement-making piece. Such contradiction is genius (no wonder she was nominated best designer in the People’s Choice 2010 Austin Fashion Awards). 

Fun fact: “I use a lot of beautiful, colorful, hand-picked gemstones in my collection; the jewelry reminds me of candy (‘BonBon’ means ‘candy’ in French).”

The most astounding part: the pieces retail for $38.00- $158.00. Gift idea? I think so. To peruse these fantastic pieces, go here:



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