Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag

What's In Your Bag?

 The team at Inspr'd Boutique has compiled a list of items that we feel every woman should have in her bag. Now, some of these items may not pertain to everyone, as every woman is different as well as the bag she carries. We just thought it would be a fun thing to list what our Virtual Marketing Assistant carries on a daily basis to her full time job as sometimes it is a mystery to us what she carries in those HUGE bags and why! (she feels these items are essential to every woman who commutes to work and is away from the home for more than 10 hours a day-during the work week). Please feel free to tell us what you carry in your bag! We want to know!

The Love Of My Life--Large Handbags, I don't know what I would do without them!

Hey Guys, my name is Jess. I'm the Virtual Marketing Assistant with Inspr'd Boutique. And have many loves of my life--large bags that can hold everything but the kitchen sink. And I know us ladies LOVE bags like that! Oh the potential of those bags! LOL. Bad potential really. It gives us the ability to carry anything and everything that will fit- though a lot of it is not needed. This is actually the bag I am carrying now (from Inspr'd Boutique). It is actually a size smaller than what I would like, but it still carries all of my essential items, which you will see listed below. I love this bag!

The Task At Hand-Clean and De-Clutter Your Bag

Okay, so my task for this lovely Sunday morning was attempting to clean and de-clutter my bag. Wow, there were so many things- things I probably don't even need that will probably make my load a lot lighter once I remove them. Handbags are like a woman's silent and agreeing servant, carrying around the much needed items of our daily lives. Where would we be without them? Lost, I'm sure. They are extensions of our bodies, attached at the shoulder or the forearm. Just as men have their tool boxes of mysterious contents that most of us women don't understand, women's handbags are, in a sense, tool boxes for us; its contents probably just as mysterious to our male counterparts and probably put fear into the hearts of many. LOL.

Anyway, I put the contents of my bag into 3 separate piles

1.Trash (you know, all those receipts, gum wrappers, grocery lists, and to do papers, movie and event ticket stubs, etc)

2.Things that aren't essential for me to have with me for the day because whenever I have it, I never use it and it probably won't be detrimental to my life if I leave these items at home (i.e. cell phone charger, my flash drive, way too many writing utensils, 1 extra book/magazine too many, etc)

3. Items I definitely need. I think these items are essential for anyone who commute long distances on public transportation and who are away from the home more than 10 hours each day.

Now I know you're probably thinking, how big is this girl's bag?? All my bags (or 90% of them) are large enough to carry everything but the kitchen sink. I love large bags and hate them at the same time. They are large enough to carry the essentials-including my lunch. But, these bags are also large enough to carry other random items that I don't need, thereby making it harder to find anything. My bags turn into black holes of some sort where everything just gets lost. I know some of you know what I am talking about. Someone asks you for something, you go in your bag only to find it 5 later and after pulling out 10 "unnecessary to have" items.

(Many of my friends- male and female- call my bags luggage. But they are also the first ones to ask me to hold something for them while we are out, go figure-LOL).

What's In Your Bag-Here's the list Gals!

Well, here is my list of top 10 items that should be in a woman's bag. Now this list does not include the obvious items of course- wallet, lip gloss/ chapstick, cell phone/iPhone/Blackberry, lotion, and maybe even make-up. Now these items may not be in every woman's bag. And some may disagree. But, as a woman with a 2 hour commute to work each day on public transportation, these are the items I feel are necessary for such women.

1. Umbrella- (Obviously one of those compact umbrellas that can fit anywhere) You never know when the rain may come. The weatherman/woman may be wrong one day. So, instead of just clouds, there may be clouds and rain. You don't want to be caught in the rain with no umbrella-especially in the morning. Going into work with wet clothes and hair- you are in store for a long and wet morning/day.

2. Hair items (mini comb or brush and ponytail holder): Just in case you do get caught in some rain without your trusty umbrella. Just sweep your hair up into a ponytail or bun so you can still look some what presentable.

3. Hand Sanitizer- Ladies! And Men! This little item will become your best friend. This is a must especially these days with swine flu knocking on everyone's doors. Hand sanitizer is very much needed for those who use public transportation to get to work or who work in an environment where you are interacting with customers on a daily basis (in a retail environment or something similar). Then there are those public restrooms that don't have soap in the dispensers. Whenever you don't have access to soap and water, Hand Sanitizer is your best bet.

4. Pen/small notepad- You may have a business idea, or a short grocery list, to-do list. You may need to write down something you don't want to forget (maybe a hot guy's number?)

5. Aspirin- You can get a small bottle or box of Tylenol or Motrin. Just for minor aches and pains of course.

6. Gum/Mints- Garlicy or Oniony lunch? Hot date or happy hour meeting after work? You always want to have something on hand. Or maybe for that co-worker who likes to talk a bit too close to your face and is unaware of how tart his/her breath is, offer one-being polite of course!

7. Mirror- Mini clamshell mirror to do a quick touch up on the hair and make up, check your teeth, and your nose!

8. Good book/magazine: As I mentioned earlier, I have a pretty long commute (almost 2 hours one way!). So, I make sure I bring a good book/ magazine to keep me occupied and to make the commute a little less painful. There are other good reasons to carry one, but this is my main reason.

9. Diet Friendly Snack- If you are on a diet or trying to watch your figure, be sure to bring something that is friendly. I have recently become vegan and it's so hard to find something that accommodates my diet and is also easy on the pockets. So, I always make sure to bring something from home.

10. Feminine Products- I don't think much is needed to say here. But you should carry at least one tampon or sanitary napkin for yourself or a co-worker/ friend who may be caught one day without one.

My Bag Now- Simplified

So, that's the list of items I carry in my bag. It is now clean and clutter free (well at least for now- I will give it week until it's back to what it was this morning).

What's in your bag? Inspr'd Boutique wants to know!

Thank you and Happy Shopping!
Jessica Blackley
Virtual Marketing Assistant
Inspr'd Boutique


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