How To Wear Boots With Shorts

   Celeberties and models wear this look all the time. And at the kick off to Fashion Week, Nigel Barker and the models for Nine West opted for this exact look. However, this look is all about HOW you wear it. Here's some tips on how: 

1- When you wear a pair of shorts with boots you want to make sure that the shorts are short enough, and that the boots are long enough. You don't want to have a boot that goes all the way up to your thighs where your shorts end.

2. This look looks best with a denim short. Choose whatever wash you like, but make sure there is enough contrast between the boot and the short. 

3. I would stick specifically with a leather boot.A boot with fur,or a rain boot may not work as well. And I would also recommend staying away from lighter color boots and wearing darker color boots like black or brown.

4. When you are wearing boots with shorts, you want the boot to stand out. So, wear a belt that matches the boot color or wear an accessory that matches the boot.

5. Lastly, the boots don't have to have a heel or a platform. A flat boot will definitely still give you the casual look your looking for. And if your looking for a more formal look, wear a dressy top, and change the denim short to a simple black short (Miley Cyrus shows us a great example).

So I hope these tips help those of you who are dying to jump into winter. You CAN  pair the winter with the summer you just want to do it in the right way.


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