It Trend: Ombre Nails

You've seen the trend everywhere: on clothing, hair, accessories, and now it's on nails. The fading of one color to another, or ombre as it is better known, can now be worn on your hands. CND and Wanda Ruiz recently created dramatically attractive nails for Jen Kao's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Known as "Lethal Love," the bold colors draw attention and admiration similar to that of an exotic yet poisonous frog. What appears seemingly innocent and enticing at first glance has some seriously dark undertones. To get this off the runway look, you can make your own alluringly deadly combination with CND's Inwell mixed with either Midnight Sapphire, Anchor Blue, Rouge Red, or Green Scene and finished off with an Air Dry Top Coat for that eye-catching ombre look. Will you be experimenting with ombre nails?

[Christine Ongsueng]


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