Tracy Reese: A Romantic Spring

Fun, flirty, and feminine are the keywords that best describe Tracy Reese's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. This blue printed maxi skirt is a great  "It" piece for the spring season. The maxi skirt gets revamped with a colorful pattern and a diaphanous material. Bright but delicate, it is the embodiment of an optimistic romance at its blossoming peak. The pops of red signifies a fun attitude while its sheerness exudes a coy playfulness. What went down the runway was a mixture of soft corals and khakis with the occasional pop of neon thrown in as a playful touch. An array of blues created a cascading waterfall effect while floral patterns in the form of pants, shorts, dresses, and even a couple of bathing suits went down the runway like streaks of Impressionists paintings. Adding to the romance of the collection was the incorporation of hats and umbrellas. Parasol-like umbrellas with the same print as the clothes and shoes provided a subtle but striking cohesion. Structured hats complimented some of the effortless draping that came down the runway. Everything at Tracy Reese represented the light airiness of a spring day replete with all the colorful shades one longs to see after a heavy winter.   [Christine Ongsueng]



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